HiYa Train for Life

At Hiya Studios we have been saying that we “train for life” since we opened our doors in 2008. Our first endeavor, HiYa Karate has and always will be about helping people get involved in activities that prepare them to face the mental and physical challenges of everyday life. Now we are pleased to announce the newest addition to HiYa Studios; Train for Life Fitness featuring TFL CrossFit! We take the knowledge and life experiences of our owners and coaches and combine that with the ultimate exercise system we know: CrossFit. Join the coaches and athletes at TFL and discover how you can become the healthy and confident athlete that resides in all of us.

TFL CrossFit

Spartan Workout Squat Thrust

TFL CROSSFIT is the ultimate way to help you get into world class shape. We have a unique strength and conditioning program that consists of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity in a group setting. We train you to maximize your body’s natural movements under heavier loads for longer distances, and with greater intensity. TFL CROSSFIT is not here to conform to any one way of training. We change our Full-Body Workouts every day. We think outside the box and pride ourselves on being different. We have no problems changing our methods and constantly evolving your training for greater challenges.

Daily WODs